06.08.2015 – 30.09.2016

The exhibition of photos From the collection of the Marina Tsvetaeva house-museum (Moscow) «Beneath the sky of Kimmeria: poetic crossroad»

For the Year of Literature

A new exhibition entitled “Beneath the sky of Kimmeria: poetic crossroad” is to open 7th August 2015 at the Velimir Khlebnikov House-Museum. It is the first time ever the photos from the collection of the Marina Tsvetaeva house-museum have been on display in Astrakhan. This project in the framework of interlocking relationships between Russian museums is suggested to be a remarkable event dated for the Year of Literature.  

Perception of the world for a poet unavoidably causes moving through regions and the vectors of that moving allow to understand roots of the worldview and main subjects of creative work. The house-museum as a phenomenon of the poet’s lifetime is one of the key-points. The Velimir Khlebnikov house-museum in Astrakhan and The Marina Tsvetaeva house-museum in Astrakhan. The exhibition itself is suggested to be some kind of dialogue between house-museums of the poets who were contemporaries and innovators each of whom were taking his own creative way...   

Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941) is one of the most established figures of Russian Literature, a poet of the Silver Age of Russian poetry. Her poetic destiny gave birth to immeasurable thirst for life, love and at the same time for the tragedy and laceration of heart. “My poems like precious wines will have their turn…”. A great number of people read her poems and hold her memory sacred. The museums connected with her sojourn have become spots of pilgrimage for those who love her creativity. The Marina Tsvetaeva house-museum comprises a large collection of photos depicting different periods of the poet’s life including her visiting M.A. Voloshin’s house in Cocktebel where Tsvetaeca used to come since 1911 till 1917. The place Voloshin had called in antique manner Kimmeria was she said “one of the best all over the world”.     

“Beneath the sky of Kimmeria: poetic crossroad” from the collection of the Marina Tsvetaeva house-museum brings together more than 50 photos depicting “Cocktebel” years of Marina Ivanovna’s life. The set of photos includes images of the seashore: “A view of Karadag out from the balcony of M.A. Voloshin’s house”, “Cocktebel country houses” (1920-s). The photos of some particular people: “Tsvetaeva in the library of the House of Poets” (1911), “At a door of the cabinet. The Efrons, The Tsvetaevs, E.O. Voloshina and other. Cocktebel”. The exhibition also includes letters and covers for the first set of works by M.I. Tsvetaeva “The evening album” (1910), “Magic lantern” (1912), “From two books” (1913) all inscribed and signed.  

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