25.12.2015 – 28.02.2016

The exhibition of the books illustrated by May Miturich Khlebnikov «A painter of childhood»

The Velimir Khlebnikov House-Museum is happy to present the exhibition of the books illustrated by May Miturich-Khlebnikov “A painter of childhood” that opens 25 December 2015. It is the last exhibition in the Year of Literature programme. In addition, it celebrates the 90-th anniversary of the artist and thus it is a tribute to one of the Khlebnikov’s descendants. 

May Petrovich Miturich-Khlebnikov is the People’s Artist of Russia, a member of Russian Academy of Fine Arts, the laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation. He gained international recognition as graphic artist and illustrator of about one hundred books award-winning in Russia and awarded with medals of the international exhibitions in Leipzig and Bratislava. 

The most significant achievements of children’s book illustration involved the name of May Miturich. His first success in the early 1970-s was illustrating a small pop-up book “A rabbit and a monkey”. Then he illustrated the entire unit of the set of Chinese fairy-tales “A golden light”. 

Some years later he began to co-work with Korney Tchukovsky, children’s literature writer. Miturich masterly illustrated his books namely, “The fly named Tsokotukha”, “Bibigon”, “Stolen Sun”, “Barmaley” and some other. International exhibition (Czech Republic) awarded him with a Silver Medal for his drawing to “Stolen Sun”.  

His friendship with a young writer Gennady Snegirev and their rides to Far East made Miturich a first-rank artist illustrator of children’s books. His drawings in the books by G.Snegirev namely, “Inhabited Island”, “About deer”, “Sea hen” and some other deserve a special piece of attention.  

Central to installation at the 12-th International Exhibition Of Children’s Books in 1975 was a series of illustrations to Rudyard Kipling’s “Mowgli” that brought a global recognition to May Petrovich.   

“A painter of childhood” at the Velimir Khlebnikov House-museum showcases a collection of books illustrated by May Miturich which will certainly  be interesting for the adults and children alike. Besides that it is the first time some manuscripts of Samuil Marshak, another established children’s literature writer, who for many years was a friend and a creative partner of May Miturich  have been showcased to a broad audience. It was May Miturich himself who donated these manuscripts to the museum.

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