01.07.2011 – 31.08.2011

Photo-exhibition “Revived images or living rhymes of Velimir Khlebnikov (after his works)”

Velimir Khlebnikov! "...He walked leaning on the staff of fairy-tales". After all he left myriads of his poems for us, the people of the future, and for our descendants. His creative work remains a symbol of the new vanguard art and the future world to this very day. It creates unbounded space for new interpretations and invites collaboration. Different arts are assumed to express this collaboration. The one we have chosen is photography.

It is the first time ever in Astrakhan we have shown a photo-exhibition that is a result of the younger generation's joint work. The exhibition is designed by like-minded people engaged in different spheres and branches of arts (literature, photography, theatre, dancing). Khlebnikov was the main pattern that united those different people.

So how was the exhibition designed? It had been preceded by the dialogue between creative young people and the legacy of the great poet. All parties involved in the project whether they had been acquainted with works by Khlebnikov before or not immersed into his poetic world due to special atmosphere of the Khlebnikov museum and by reading his writings. So that each of them discovered some key and remembered image and afterwards suggested its visual interpretation. The result of the work was a series of photos by Artem Rochshepkin who was inspired by separate lines, parts of the poems, verses and letters of Khlebnikov.

The exhibition is produced by Anna Kiseleva. The literary part is directed by Olga Kuzovleva. The parties of the project are: Oleg Katkov, Lyudmila Batalova, Khana Tolstokorova, Julia Shulpina, Anastasia Topalova, Irina Orlova, Eugenie Turack, Vika Kazakova, Natasha and Anya Mamaeva.

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