«I was looking for clues to Khlebnikov». The exhibition of illustrations to V.Khlebnikov’s works by S.K. Botiev

During Velimir Khlebnikov’s lifetime (1885-1922) his works attracted the attention of many artists. His oeuvres were illustrated by painters (namely Vera Khlebnikova), graphic artists (namely Petr Miturich) as well as by illustrators who followed tradition of Russian futuristic book. The most well-known among them were Pavel Filonov, Natalya Goncharova, Olga Rosanova and Mikhail Larionov. However the artists persisted in working within limited space of a particular work again and again. Stepan Botiev is the first artist illustrating Khlebnikov’s works on such a global level. The whole world of the art of book illustrating is impossible without Khlebnikov in terms of insight into his philosophy and character of his work.