28.10.2010 – 31.12.2010

"Velimir Khlebnikov: in poster format"

2010 marked the 125-th anniversary year of Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922). He was a well-known poet, philosopher, thinker who foreshadowed further development of Russian literature as well as the whole Russian culture. His personality is too large-scale to consider it from one point of view. He was a linguist, historian, mathematician who thought of origin and development of language and then reflected his observations in the "star alphabet"; he also reasoned of cyclic course of history and tied time and space together. But first of all he was a Poet: "clear messenger of kindness", "sower of eyes", "budetlyanin" (budet is the Russian for will be).

On the threshold of jubilee year the exhibition "Velimir Khlebnikov: in poster format" opened in the native town of the poet's ancestors in the Velimir Khlebnikov house-museum. It was the first time the visitors had seen the museum collection of posters devoted to the poet and culture life in Russia of the 20-th century as well.

What is a poster as phenomenon of art? Its main purpose is to inform spectators of coming events. Its life is usually short; events move one by one and new posters replace previous ones. However, the time goes by and they become reliable documents of an epoch which fix both time and space. A poster becomes some kind of sign of cultural interests and preferences of society in different epochs. The event a poster is devoted to can be considered exceptional and chosen of many other ones.

It is hard to say how exceptional everything that surrounded Khlebnikov during 20-21th centuries was. However the very fact of addressing to this poet, attempts to create new interpretations of his works, comprehension of his creativity through the synthesis of arts evoke interest. How was a dialogue with a new spectator being made? How did the epoch react to jubilee dates associated with Khlebnikov? All these questions as well as the answers on them can be read on posters.

By the exhibition "Velimir Khlebnikov: in poster format" we made an attempt to discover the key "points" of space where the attitude to the poet who had been "a creator of worlds" was expressed most of all and resulted in the greatest variety of cultural events. Astrakhan, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Rostov, Ruchyi were such towns. Russian literature addressed to Khlebnikov in the end of 1970-s. Such pattern and the very attention to Khlebnikov's personality can be observed in cultural events devoted to Khlebnikov. Literary soiree on the occasion of 90-th anniversary of Khlebnikov which took place in 1975 was one of the remarkable events in Astrakhan while the play "THE PRESENT" performed by Moscow theatre "CHET I NECHET" [ODD AND EVEN] was the most brilliant one. Some foreign posters let us know that several parts of that play were staged in the drama theatre of Bulgaria. The interest in Khlebnikov in Italy was expressed in creative works of numerous painters and poets while in Lion and Amsterdam it united researchers from all over the world who came there to take part in the International Khlebnikov Conference.

The exhibition display of the show offers to the modern visitor to see various forms of interpretation of Velimir Khlebnikov's works after his death.

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